August 22, 2011

Avalon of the heart

One of the highlights of our summers here in the US is getting to spend time with our friends in Avalon, NJ. We can always be guaranteed good laughs, mighty-fine food and engaging conversation (not to mention heavy-duty exercise). Avalon is one of my favorite places to take photos!

We were there last weekend. We had a few nice hours on the beach and some great games on the tennis court. But mostly it was a stormy weekend, with amazing colors and light.

Nina basking in the sun.

Ginger keeps watch.

Early morning at the beach

This is one upset seagull


Nina swimming

Nina fetching her ball in the surf. 

Beach buddies.

Storm moving in

View from the balcony


anna of sweden said...

Så otroligt vackert! Inser att jag har mycket kvar att se i USA ...


heather said...

i love that golden:)

susan said...

1/2 a block from the beach in Avalon = my idea of heaven!