August 2, 2011

Regatta redux

My sisters and I, back in the day, spent a lot of time at the river when our brother was a big rower. We were there, we said, to support our brother, but we had ulterior motives: to swoon over my brother's crew friends. We were so goofy and obvious; we bugged our poor brother to death wanting to know if this one or that one had a girlfriend (or, even worse, "liked" one of us).

This past Saturday, I was once again on the riverbanks to watch another rower: our son Charlie. He did a crew camp for one week and they had a mini-regatta for the parents. It was so fun to see the kids in the boats. Charlie said he learned a lot, and he really seemed to like it.

Watching him race, I was reminded of my brother. They could be twins separated by a generation.

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