January 13, 2009

a well intentioned list to start

Until now, I’ve only blogged in my head. So here I go, launching my real-life blog.

My theme is “mostly lists” because I think in lists; I number my thoughts. There’s something so comforting about making a list. And guess what? i’m more inclined to make ‘em than to stick to ‘em. A list of any rank, though, is always made on a nice piece of card using the Perfect Pen (and it's ok — no, encouraged — to doodle and get creative with the tick-off squares, circles, etc). So this digital listing is a new thing, and I’ll see if it works.

Let’s call my maiden entry a list of intentions for the year; this term is a less committed than resolution. Two weeks into January I feel it’s not too late.

  • Start a blog (ahem)
  • Get fitter (be able to do five pull-ups by year-end; in fact, i have a bet on with my brother in law)
  • Devote more time to working with my hands, artistic endeavors, maybe learn to weld.
  • Try 40 new recipes.
  • Be more patient with everyone, especially myself.
  • Write letters, the real kind, especially to people I’m out of touch with. At least one a month.
  • Consume more books, movies, plays, art, more, and less energy.
  • Help people in need.
  • Give more.


Anonymous said...

Nice job susie

pudelflicka said...

Hej Susan,
Vad roligt att jag hittade din nya blogg. Trevligt att få följa ert liv i USA. Kram från Hedvig

pudelflicka said...

Ser att du har hittat Anna of Sweden. Ta kontakt med henne då blir hon nog glad och hälsa från mig då jag har berättat för henne att jag har en kompis som bor i samma stad.

Anonymous said...

Hej Susan!
Vad inne du är som har en blogg! Jag är imponerad. Det var kul att höra din röst igår. Tiden rusar och jag är usel på att höra av mig så detta var en hit. Vi längtar efter er alla tre.
Kramar från Lotta

ulfie said...

Love your blog, love. It's fun to read about your thoughts, even though I sit right next to you. I know you are a talented writer. Your blogs are almost poetic.