January 14, 2009

keep only what you use and love

A friend invited me to a women's networking lunch today. Not really my cup of tea, but what the heck, I figured.

Gosh, I was a fish out of water. The idea was to split into small groups and present yourself in 60 seconds -- a sort of speed dating, network style. I have to say this is not my strong side. It went OK though.

Until, in one of the sessions, while it was my turn, I panned the table to make eye contact with all my polite networking "sisters," when I came to one women, whose eyes were completely focused on someplace far away. I froze. I completely lost my train of thought and filled the silence with the sloppy uttering of random words. I'm sure those women were thinking, "Wow, she's supposed to be a writer but she can't even compose an intelligible sentence, poor thing."

Oh well, I don't have the time for new clients anyway.

One salvagable thing from the day was this list from a presentation of how to be (and stay) organized.

  1. Remove all clutter (could be a big job)
  2. Keep only what you use and love (wds to live by!)
  3. Give everything a place to "live"
  4. Take time (every day) to put things back in their place
Pretty basic stuff.

Not a total loss. And guess what? we had a lot of laughs on the way home.


Anonymous said...

Hey Suds...What fun! Nice.

pudelflicka said...

Hej Susan. Trevligt att läsa om din vardag. Du fick in sitemeter`n också ser jag.
Jag har lagt in dig på Google Reader så jag ser när du lägger in ett nytt inlägg.
Kram från Hedvig