October 21, 2010

A tribute to my 2011 calendar

What's in the bag?

Something good. Something worth waiting for...

Let the fun begin!

I wrote a haiku for my new calendar:

What do you bring me,
Calendar of paper pure?
Wait I know it's time.


This was the best day, the day it arrived in the mail. It was, um, substantial. More celebratory than, say, a birthday! A shout-out to Anna, my colleague in Sweden, for buying and sending it. And to Ordning & Reda, for making it.

Also, I know I've been on some sort of hiatus, but consider me officially back.


pudelflicka said...

Ja jag kan inte vara utan min calender. Måste ha lite papper också!
Allt är bra här Susan och i november kommer Werner Haypeter och bor hos oss. Det ska bli mysigt att träffa honom igen.
Kram Hedvig

jean said...

I'm tres jellie!!!!

susan said...

you're back! hurrah!

emma said...

Susan: Your blog looks so professional and very very creative- you should definitely do more and get out here! Em