March 4, 2010

Sometimes I forget to love you like I should

OR ....
5 lovely things my husband did for me this week.

1. Made Charlie's lunch every day
2. Brought me tea in bed--- every morning
3. Made dinner AND cleaned up
4. Unloaded the dishwasher (but he ALWAYS does that)
5. Called me from the road to see what groceries we needed at home

Doing genuinely kind things for each other is easy on birthdays and special occasions. When you're into the daily grind, it's harder. Still, it's the right thing to do.

On the day we got married, we said, "Let's be good to each other." It was, and always has been, the spirit of our marriage. Sort of. At least it has been this week.

(our wedding day)

Also I wanted to post this interesting article on list-making from the  BBC about listmaking. I could have written the first three paragraphs!

Coming up Oscar predictions!


pudelflicka said...

Vackra ord, Susan!
Kram från Hedvig

jean said...

ulf is such a sweet man! you are lucky to have each other! enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Great reminder to avoid getting trapped in the drudgery of everyday life and forgetting to cherish those around you.

Oh, and would you send that man my way - and soon! Barbara