March 9, 2010

Is it spring?

Yes, I think so!

Here are some telling signs:

I painted my toenails sparkely blue...

I drank a cup of tea outside on the stoop of our patio (and as I sat I realized I need to clean up out there!)

I bought some lillies

I put away my snowboots, hat and gloves

I got out my shades

I found Findy's collar, put it on her, and let her enjoy the weather too!


pudelflicka said...

Har ni vår ?
Härliga bilder Susan. Tyckte om ditt collage med Findus!
Kram från Hedvig

jean said...

Wow! Nice. I thought it was spring here too until it snowed on Sunday. Lucie was excited because she didn't have school Monday. Snow is still out there and we live in the SOUTH of France! Anyway - spring does look like it has sprung in Philly. You should cut off the tips of the insides of your liles (those little orange thingys) so they don't get that stain-y orange junk everywhere. Enjoy. love, jean

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to spring, early bird!
Liszt-lovin' Pooch