March 28, 2011

Saying goodbye to the kits and now I am gone

I was hanging out alone on Sunday and packing for my three-week sojourn to Sweden. It was good to have time to think.

[As an aside, I brought the biggest, heaviest suitcase ever on my trip to Sweden. Although I like to think of myself as a light traveller, the real story is that I keep stuffing things in my bag until I cannot fit anything else. There's that image of myself wispily floating through airports free and easy and then there's the real me, struggling conspicuously, burdened, weighty, bogged down by my possessions. It's shameful. Enough of this.]

I took some parting shots of the kitties; I am pretty sure they had a hunch I was leaving. They were sticking by my side and sneaking into my suitcase.

I checked into my hotel and felt was feeling very zombie-like. I hooked up my computer and then got so busy I never even went out.  But I was happy to see Stockholm from my hotel room, I'm on the 10 floor and there is a beautiful view. It's so lovely to be here, seeing this city is like meeting an old friend, a couple of things are different but we still love each other. I can't wait to go out tomorrow!

Arrival at the airport

A view of my night table: Oh the irony of getting two bibles! "The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ"

Sunset over the western highway´.

Intricate traffic patterns.


emma said...

Susan!~ i am glad you got into sweden safely- you know those kitties will miss you! Your photos especially of kitty in the lamp have fabulous light!
Hoping you are having fun running around. Hugs Em

heather said...

have fun!!!

Annika said...

Glad you are back in the Kingdom - wish I was, too! We will miss you on Friday:( Love your pictures of your cats (especially the one getting some warmth from the lamp). Have a good time until we meet next time!