January 31, 2011

All dressed up in vintage

I hope I don't seem vain for posting two pictures of myself, but I was all dressed up for a party this weekend and I LOVED the dress I wore. I know my expression is goofy, especially in the second photo, but I want to show the back. 

I purchased the dress at flea market a few months back and was dying for an occasion to wear it. I couldn't resist buying the dress although I am not frequently invited to balls and gala affairs! 


The dress was a Bob Bugnand (for Sam Friedlander), who according to Couture Allue Vintage Fashion, was a French designer active in New York in the 60s and 70s.  This dress felt super sixties. It was, um, a tad too tight, but I went with it anyway. I decided to be true to myself (shoes, hair and makeup) so it wouldn't look Halloweeny.  

Everyone looked fabulous. We had so much fun and danced nearly till dawn!!


Anonymous said...

You looked more beautiful in real. Cute.

susan said...

i knew it would look great and it did. hope you felt fab.

pudelflicka said...

Du är alltid snygg Susan och klänningen klädde dig.
Kram Hedvig

heather said...

so pretty!! i love it!!!!

Annika said...

Jättesnygg och passar ju dig perfekt! Vilket fynd!