September 17, 2010

Charlie's videos

Charlie and his friend Tristan spent the week before school making videos. Don't be disturbed when you see these. They are a bit violent, but with a certain tongue-in-cheek attitude that I admire. Also, the weapons are completely made by hand using cardboard, tape, spray paint, oatmeal containers, and the like. That in itself is very creative. They used only the camera from the Macbook and then they edited them in Imovie.

Vote for your favorite in your comments if you like. The boys would love feedback!


pudelflicka said...

Kreativa killar men jag tyckte inte om att Charlie blev skjuten!
Kram Hedvig

jean said...

Melvin and Jenkinz is my favorite -the special effects are great!!

Ulf Akerblom said...

I agree with Jean. Cool video.