May 26, 2009

Name that blog!

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We've started a farm. Yes we have. A nearby historic farm estate ( has a small community garden, where we have a 10 ft x 10 ft plot. It is going to be so cute. So far we only have pototoes in, but more stuff will come this week, probably tomatoes, garlic, and something else. It will be completely organic, yay.

Yesterday, as we were planting, Ulf looked up and said to me, "I love this!"

It made me so happy.

Ulf and I are going to start a blog together to celebrate and report on our little garden plot. What should we name the new blog?

Here are some choices-- Please vote for your favorite or suggest your own (click on COMMENTS below). If you make a suggestion we end up going with, there's a surprise in it for you! But if you don't feel like thinking please vote! Vote as much as you like.

Mostly gardens
The plot thickens
Our Harriton Patch
Harriton Garden
Colony Lot
Garden Adventure
First-time farmers
Go as you grow

Help!!! Thanks in advance!

(Photo above is from a recent visit to a nursery in Lancaster County, but I was playing with some settings)


susan said...

so fun! what else will you plant? tomatoes fo' shizzle. (yo.)

i like "the plot thickens". very clever!

susie said...

yo fo shizzle! what up?

Ulf Akerblom said...

I suggest "varatpotatisland" as title for the blog.
Did I really say "I love this."? I'm glad it made you happy.
Maybe I said so because it is only 10' by 10'

Ulf Akerblom said...

Could be spelled "vaarat potatisland"

Ulf Akerblom said...

we have to read a book about planting garlic. that's going to be my favorite.

Tati said...

I think you should do mostly gardens because it goes with your blog now
keep them close together =]
sounds fun! I want a farm now haha

Anonymous said...

I vote for "the plot thickens". I don't understand any of ulfie's choices. I can't believe you are planting garlic. Some I know may be rolling over under another plot. Does it grow above ground or below? Can't wait to try the potatoes! (just don't mess them up with dill.) Cathy

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cath about the garlic.
Mostly gardens does go nicely with your current blog, but the one I liked best when I read the list was "go as you grow" because that seems like the attitude you've conveyed in your blog. But I might also suggest something else; I liked your phrase "our little garden", or perhaps some variation...
(Should I suggest "our stinky garlic patch"? Just kidding!!)

Jean said...

I like the plot thickens! Cute! Great project for the family..

Anonymous said...

Love the plot thickens - most creative and intriguing. A couple of spontaneous suggestions:
silver bells and cockle shells
everything under the sun
new roots
everything organic
garden of plenty

One question tho - why plant potato in a climate where you can actually plant good veggies???

Can't wait to help w the harvest;)

Anonymous said...

I Like go as you grow- cos that's what it is! can't wait to taste a yummy tomatoe! Hint...hint. Em